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The PatternAgents Workshop Series. If you have ideas for new workshops that you would like to see; or feedback on workshops you've attended, just use the comment section below.

Upcoming Workshops:

Dates to be announced once we get the rooms & facilities booked.
Use the Workshop Link below to reserve a seat once booking is opened.

PatternAgents Workshops


If you have wanted to learn more about using microprocessor systems, and programmable hardware in a easy-paced, hand's-on environment, then this is the workshop series for you. Applications include IoT devices, lighting, motor/motion control, sensor monitoring and more.

  • Programmers who would like to learn more about hardware and debugging.
  • Hackers who would like to learn new skills for quickly solving hardware problems.
  • Students who want explore and learn about new hardware-based solutions.
  • Professionals seeking new skills for the workplace.

About PatternAgents

PatternAgents provides community and commerce for electronics designers, helping them to collaborate using shared patterns, practices, and resources; connect with others in the industry, conceptualize and create new ideas, commercialize their designs, and keep up on the latest technologies and concepts.


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