Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing : MIDI Output Board

Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing is an Adafruit Feather compatible board with a MIDI output driver and 3.5mm TRS jack interface.

Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing - MIDI Output Board :

The Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing is a low cost, embeddable module for MIDI output :

Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing Pinout


Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing Model

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Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing Top View
Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing Bottom View

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Creative Commons License
The Agent-MIDI-OUT-FeatherWing Project by PatternAgents, LLC is available and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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